Welcome to my studio!

Now you are here, means you are different from others.

Do not worry, you are at right place.This is not for everybody, this is the place that take you to the another dimension of physical and mind.

I'm a former chief trainer of the legendary ENDO'S GYM, established in 1967.

Together, my father and I trained many top athlete like sumo wrestlers and MMA fighters. After retirement of my father, I decided to move on to perfect my work.

At MAXIMUM VOLTAGE, you can focus on your body and find your inner self.

Your body and mind has infinite possibilities. So don't limit yourself. My goal is not just train you to build your physique. My goal is to help you achieve your life success and happiness. 


1967年設立の伝説的なENDO’S GYMでチーフトレーナーを務め、父と二人で大勢の大相撲の横綱や総合格闘技などトップアスリートを指導してきた。父の引退を期に新たな道を進むことを決意。そう、まだ道半ばである仕事を完成させるために。

MAXIMUM VOLTAGEでは肉体とその中に眠る真の自分と向き合うことができる。見た目だけではなく、しっかりと動かせ自由に使える身体を作る。身体とマインドの可能性は無限だ。一緒に限界を超えまだ見ぬ先を目指そう。



​In Rock We Trust